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Saio is a electrophoresis instrument very small, ideal for little laboratories, fully automatic, designed for to be fully autonomous in 50 cm of space


The achievements are:

simply to use

small footprint


 speed of execution



Versions available

SAIO has been designed in different versions in order to make it flexible to optimize performance and keep costs low, allowing the buyer to choose the version that best suits their needs.

types of machines:

Version SAIO VET  with total automation fluidics with strip of 4 and 8 test (samples)
Version SAIO  with full automation of fluidic up to 16 test (Samples)


On both instruments SAIO you can apply strips of 4 samples

SAIO has the ability to use two stripholder

Saio is compact, aesthetically pleasing, enclosed in a lightweight crankcase with built-in computer to save space on the workbench

Having placed the computer on the machine, the management software is ready for use thereby avoiding interface problems.

Saio is connected to Internet for total remote control for its main functions.

It 'was very well maintained factor technical assistance to facilitate the eventual ordinary and extraordinary maintenance inside the machine

Saio presents with the automatic washing and drying of the applicator of serum, including automatic loading buffer chamber migration

Saio automatically executes staining and destaining of the Strip

The operator only needs to enter the base in the serum sample holder and insert the corresponding membranes of cellulose acetate in stripholder

The strip used for the electrophoretic process is cellulose acetate dried on mylar

Before starting, Saio performs checks on the presence objects

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